“Celebrate the Jubilee” is a Christian Bible study for men’s small groups. It focuses on the topic of pornography and how to be free of it.

We invite you to review this study and would be honored if you choose to use it with your small group.

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Why write a study on pornography?

With the Internet available in our homes, places of work, and even our mobile phones, many Christian men have succumbed to the temptations of online porn. Porn addiction is serious trouble, causing turmoil in our families and in our spiritual lives, with effects that can last for years.

We believe that a key in beating this problem is talking about it openly with people you trust.

Psychologist Al Cooper believes that the three main factors that draw people into online sexual activity are  (1) Accessibility,  (2) Affordability, and  (3) Anonymity.  He dubbed this the “Triple-A Engine” of Internet porn.
Breaking the Lure of Internet Porn - Accountability Software
, Luke Gilkerson

The Celebrate the Jubilee study is designed to get men talking about pornography and living with integrity. By holding each other accountable, the anonymity of Internet porn can be removed.

The 6-week study is written as a script to promote dialogue

The main six characters in the script are men who meet each week for a Bible study. Over the course of a few of their meetings they face up to how they’re affected by pornography, and ultimately commit to tackle the issue together.

The script format is designed to engage a small group in discussing this often difficult to broach topic. Each chapter ends with discussion questions.

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